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What are some of the Obstacles That Are Slowing Down your Progress ? Lack of Discipline Slow implementation Self Sabotage Wrong Inner circle Lack of Focus Lack of commitment Lack of Senstivity to times and seasons Destructions

LTFP024: Obstacles That Are Slowing Down Your Progress

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Transformation is in Levels, as you take one step of faith to another, all the resources will come just in time for the next level. The right doors will open, the divine connections and divine direction will happen plus the resources too… will follow.

LTFP023: Transformation Is In Levels

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Choosing a business to start takes a lot of thought and several considerations: It should involve your passion Take advantage of your nature strength. Both gifts and talents Pick an industry where their is competition. This is an indicator that there’s a need in that marketplace Consider your value system […]

LTFP021: How To Choose A Business To Start

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There are several ways to receive impartation. Impartation is when you receive grace by absorbing the word of God or laying on of hands or coveting a grace on someone’s life etc Impartation is more about connectivity verse proximity.

LTFP018: Impartation

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As you progress from one level to another, life is obligated to test you. Some of the common tests that you have to pass include righteousness, integrity and purity. Join The Community for Coaching  | Subscribe to Life Then Finance Podcast on iTunes OR  

LTFP019: Passing The Tests To The NextLevel

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Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things unseen. The goal is to discover your destiny. It will take faith to take action that will lead to the life you are looking for. Faith comes by hearing the word of GOD.

LTFP020: Living By Faith

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One of the biggest challenge to conquer will be your mind. In this episode, we shall address the struggle and solution for dealing with the mind. You are more than a conquerer. Join The Community for Coaching  | Subscribe to Life Then Finance Podcast on iTunes OR  

LTFP017: Battlefield Of The Mind

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Join hundreds of women across the world (yes… World) in discovering why working with this dynamic duo can change the way you live today and strategizing for your future! Click Here Join Us Organizer: Christian Women’s Empowerment Expert, Keroy King, has worked with women across the world to overcome obstacles that […]

Upcoming Event: Redefining Physical and Fiscal Wellness

Return on Invested Time
When thinking about the life you desire to live, consider lifestyle design. Time is the most precious thing we have. How we use our time is directly proportional to the value to get in life. With that said, it’s important to point out time can easily be misused. Not everything is […]

What is your Return On Invested Time (R.O.I.T) ?

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Earlier this year, I was given a business opportunity that would raise my levels several folds. Immediately, all my insecurities came to the forefront, I am not qualified, how will I explain my lack of experience in certain areas, my client list is not big enough for this new opportunity. […]

Are you Self-Sabotaging your Progress in Life ?

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Ever wonder if there was a list of guidelines on how to control your thoughts? If you are like me, I am always looking for solutions to quickly and effectively solve stubborn issues. In Phi 4v8 kjv we have a checklist. Use this as a guideline on developing your thought […]

8 Ways of Transforming your Negative Thought Patterns