Keroyspeaks 30-day Devotional

Daily food for the soul


Hello World Changers, History Makers & Pace Setters,

 Keroyspeaks 30-day devotional is daily food for the soul

Who Will Benefit From This Devotional?

  • Individuals who have a DESIRE to discover their destiny
  • If you know there's MORE to you than meets the eye and are ready to uncover your greatness
  • If you are tired of being stagnant and ready to activate your life and take action
  • If you are looking for personal transformation from mediocrity to successful in your spiritual life


  • Commitment to take prompt action of any revealed truth
  • Internet access on a computer or mobile device
  • Materials needed are pen and a note book for noting down any personal revelation that comes to you

Devotional Preview


Devotional Outline

  • Welcome To “30-Day Devotional”
  • Day 1:Commanding your Morning
  • Day 2: Spirit Helps Us In Our Weakness
  • Day 3: Run and Not Grow Weary
  • Day 4: Let Them Shout For Joy
  • Day 5: Do Not Be Anxious
  • Day 6: Seek First The Kingdom
  • Day 7: Love Never Fails
  • Day 8: Willing and Obedient
  • Day 9: Only One Thing is Necessary
  • Day 10: Building Your Faith
  • Day 11: Only Believe And You Will See The Glory
  • Day 12: Who Is Leading You ?
  • Day 13: Tame Your Tongue
  • Day 14: The Narrow and Wide Gates To Life
  • Day 15: 7 Redemptive Treasures
  • Day 16: Not By Works
  • Day 17: How Deep Is Your Love
  • Day 18: Blessings on Obedience
  • Day 19: Shout For Joy
  • Day 20: Let Your Light Shine
  • Day 21: How To Increase Your Effectiveness in Life
  • Day 22: Put on Your Daily Armor
  • Day 23: The Grace is Sufficient
  • Day 24: Words of My Mouth & Meditation of My Heart
  • Day 25: Serving God Is Profitable
  • Day 26: Divine Guidance
  • Day 27: Living From The OverFlow
  • Day 28: A Thousand Times More Blessings
  • Day 29: The Word Of God
  • Day 30: Fearfully and Wonderfully Made
  • Summary of “30-Day Devotional"

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Keroy King has a Degree in Finance from California State University, Northridge (CSUN), and absolutely loves helping women reach the mark of their highest calling. She is also the creator of several personal finance and personal transformation online courses.