Best 7 Mobile Banking Apps

If you are like most people today, then you know the importance of mobile banking. With the pace of today’s lifestyle, not everyone has the time to go to a bank and conduct business. With mobile banking apps, people can make transactions with the bank just by using their mobile phones or tablets. However, since these apps will be dealing with money, it is very important for the user to choose the mobile banking app they will use. There are many apps to choose from and not all of them are good. Thankfully, Xtreme Labs made a study on the different mobile banking apps available through the hundreds of different consumer’s comments and compiled the best and worst available. Here are the best 7 mobile banking apps.

1.    Citizens Bank Mobile Banking – this is the highest rated mobile banking app for the iOS (93%positive reviews and 4.5 stars) and the second highest rated for the Android OS (97% positive reviews and 4.5 stars).Users will be able to use the service right after enrollment of their accounts and will be able to make bank transaction 24/7.

2.    Charter One Mobile Banking – this is rated second best for the iOS (91% positive ratings and 4.0 stars). The app has everything needed in a mobile banking app such as paying bills, checking transaction history and credit balance, and bank transfers. The app also features an ATM and bank locator.

3.    USAA Mobile –this is the number one mobile banking app for the Android (95% positive reviews and 4.6 stars). Aside from the usual mobile baking features, users will get financial advice articles and videos, manage their insurance, and use stock market investing tools.

4.    KeyBank for iPad – This is the third best mobile banking app for the iOS (83% positive reviews and 4.0 stars). It allows the user to view their bank transaction for the last 90 days, deposit checks, transfer funds to different KeyBank accounts, locate banks and ATMS, and pay bills.

5.    Amex Mobile – this is the third best mobile banking app for the Android (91% positive reviews and 4.4 stars). Users will their own personal login and they will see their account summary after opening the app. Users are also entitled to rewards, offers, and other benefits.

6.    City National Mobile – this is the number four app for the iOS (76% positive reviews and 4 stars). The app is free on the Apple appstore. Users will be able to view account balances, transaction histories, pay bills, deposit checks with FASTdeposit, transfer funds, and locate City National Bank Branches and ATMS.

7.    Wells Fargo Mobile –this is the fourth banking app for the Android (90% positive reviews and 4.3 stars). This app will allow the user to deposit checks, pay bills, transfer funds, view account balance, and more.

It can be observed that while all these apps are available for both Android and iOS, the rating and customer satisfaction is not the same. This is due to bugs, issues, and design of the apps, which differ from the Android and iOS.

These are the 7 best mobile banking apps in the US today according to the test done by Xtreme Labs. This test was done on the top 53 banks in the US. According to the test, there are people who switch banks because they are not happy with the mobile banking service of their bank. This just shows how important and useful mobile banking apps are for people.

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