LTFP097 – 14 Signs That You are Drifting Through Life

This episode was inspired by the book Think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill. It doesn’t take effort to drift, just flow with the direction of your environment , surrounding and follow the path of least resistance. How to tell you are drifting ? 1. You know there’s more to you than meets the eye 2.…

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Submission To Authority

The act of “submission” has been negatively represented for a longtime. The act of submission is neutral. Submission has been misused by individuals who have hyper egos, pride, rejection issues, jealous, lack of self control etc… thus making submission a no go zone for many. I have come to under, submission to authority whether it’s…

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Thinking Beyond Yourself

I over heard a conversation of a lady who has settled into mediocrity with on concern for advancement in her life let alone other peoples lives. I was reminded, so many of us have settled, we have given up the good fight of faith and prepared to go to the grave safely without rocking the…

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Vision For Your Life

I heard this quote from Dr. Myles Monroe “sight is a function of the eyes but vision is a function of the heart”. Vision is what you focus on until your desired results are fulfilled.  Vision dictates your lifestyle, how you spend your time, money and resources.  Vision narrow your focus, leading you to mastery…

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Queen of Katwe Movie Review

Queen of Katwe was an amazing movie, I highly recommend it. Observe carefully what the human spirit can endure. Your inner strength is revealed though trials Iron sharpens iron Keep the faith It an’t over until you give up Your gifts will make room for you Friends and family, we have a lot of work…

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