keroy kingHi there… It’s Keroy King here…

After graduating from college with a BS finance. I had bought into the story that a high paying job was waiting for me. That wasn’t the case.

Through the frustration of knowing there’s more to me than meets the eye, I started searching for a different way to earn a living doing things that I was passionate about like teaching, inspiring and coaching.

While looking for other options, I had to consider all the debt i had gotten myself into. At that time, i had done every possible money mistake there is to make.

Growing up in Uganda which was purely a cash economy, you would think I knew better not to engage in debt. Well, when i moved to the USA in 1999, i learned to consume debt at an ignorant rate.

In 2011, I started my entrepreneurial journey while working a full-time job. Helping people find financial freedom by teaching them how to manage their monies.

I started creating financial and personal development courses and later started a podcast where i inspire people to live their best lives. A few years later, i was able to transition out of the full-time job to working on contract basis for my clients. 

Learning to manage my personal monies, gave me the freedom to make bold moves in my career. I haven’t used a credit card in over 5+yrs and my distaste for debt increases daily as I observe the bondage debt can be.

This journey of self discovery and setting my financial house in order has made me a better version of myself through constant personal improvements in both mindset and skill-set.

I appreciate the discipline that is required to have my own business and knowing that for my business to work, I have to show-up and show-up strong, ready to serve the messes. 

There’s nothing as liberating as knowing you have control over your destiny. 

If you are on this journey, stay the course, make adjustments as you go. If there’s anyone in your industry who is winning, that’s your sign that you are on the right track. You can’t fail, unless you give up. 

Over the years, i have been privileged to create several personal finance and personal transformation online courses.

If you are on a journey of putting your financial house in order and your personal life, we have several programs that will accelerate your success. Check them out HERE

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