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Hi, I’m Keroy King (pronounced KRoy). Welcome to LifeThenFinance.com!

I’m excited that you’re here.

  • Are you living pay check to pay check?
  • Have you ever stayed awake at 3 am… worrying about money?
  • Are you a slave to your debt ?
  • Do you work hard but always have a hard-time making ends meet ?
  • Have you lost control of your expenses ?
  • Are your credit cards maxed out ?
  • Have you ever asked, “where did my money go” ?
  • Are you in fear of losing your house ?
  • Are you living with the shame & stigma that comes with being homeless ?
  • Have you considered filing for bankruptcy ?
  • How about the fear of never having enough money to retire ?

If you answered, YES to any of the above questions, I can HELP you improve your financial future. Contact me Today for a free consultation.

I know you know the right things to do with your money (Don’t we all?) We can read books upon books about finance and yet we’ll accomplish nothing if we don’t act on what we’ve learned. I am here to help you take action and fulfill your goals that you have long since swept under the rug.

It’s time to be intentional and focused in order to better understand your finances, straighten up, and build wealth to get financial freedom. I know it won’t be easy, but that’s why I’m here so we can change behaviors, exhibit hard work, and begin planning together.

Here are some of the ways you will benefit from Financial Coaching :

  • Increased money in your pocket
  • Decreased financial stress
  • Increased bank balances
  • Reduced bills & Debt
  • Increased credit score
  • Increased financial stability
  • Increased quality of life

As your financial coach, I will help educate and coach you on all matters of life and money. I will teach you how to maximize the best wealth building tools, cash and time to work harder for you. My goal is for us to lead by example so that we can all be great examples to the next generation.

If you need help in any of these areas, then financial coaching is for you. Contact me Today

In the coaching sessions we will cover the following:

  • Getting Out of Debt Strategy
  • Creating a Realistic Budget
  • Building an Emergency Fund
  • Credit Repair Options
  • Saving for the Future
  • Investing for the Future
  • Protecting Your Assets

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