LTFP095: Surprising Discovers Transitioning from 9-5 to Entreprenuership 1

In this episode we will explore the surprising discovers that i encountered when transitioning for 9-5 to entreprenuership.

  • Faith walk
  • It’s from glory to glory
  • Personal development for life
  • New wine doesn’t fit in old wine skins
  • Master your craft
  • Do what other’s  are not willing to do
  • Whatsoever you sow you will reap
  • You are the summation of all the decisions you have made to this point
  • Focus
  • Good is the enemy of great
  • Consider the 80/20 Principle. 20% of what you do is
  • Build the spiritual muscles
  • Settle with what God has promised you
  • God is faithful


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Keroy King

Keroy King is a Financial Educator, Podcast Host and founder of community where she coaches entrepreneurs, network marketers, direct sales professionals and business owners to overcome personal and financial obstacles that are holding them back so they can quickly and effectively live a full-filled and purpose driven life. Even when they think the odds are stacked against them.

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