LTFP029: 11 Ways for Effectively Changing Your Personal Finances

The Offense, Defense and Play field of personal finance Have a 24hour rule Have an Emergency fund Pay yourself first Have automated payment Cut up your credit cards Keep track of your spending Negotiate with creditors Reward your self for any successes Know your purpose Both spouses should be on board Be a tither and…

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love one another

Owe No Man Anything, But To Love One Another

Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another, for whoever loves others has fulfilled the law. (Rom13:8niv) REVELATION: Interestingly, to love each other is not a request, a suggestion but rather a command. We have to make a conscious choice to love one another. The good news is that as…

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Looking for a Short-Term Loan to Clear Debt: You might have in Fact a Bigger Problem

There is no doubt that short-term loans are truly helpful. The products can serve as your lifeline in case you suddenly get to a situation wherein you need fast cash. What is ideal about the loans is that the maturity can be as short as two years, most of the time even shorter. It can…

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Is shuffling your credit card debts the option to get out of debt?

Living a plastic life can lead you to ruin, which can lead you to filing bankruptcy. Plastic money though can be helpful enough, it can lead you so deep in debt, that if you fail to take heed form the beginning, you may not be able to swim out of it. Therefore, it is important…

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Dave Ramsey’s Seven Baby Steps

If you haven’t heard of Dave Ramsey, you are missing out on plenty of financial wisdom. Dave Ramsey is a radio talk show host, author of several books including the total money makeover & Entreleadership and teaches money management based on biblical principles in Financial Peace University. The Seven Baby Steps As you organize yourself…

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