I appreciate your interest in guest posting on my website. You have your own interest for guest posting, and that’s fine with me. My only interest is to provide added value to my readers.

Please review the content on my site to ensure you send me an original article that will add value to my readers. Every so often I will do some editing on the article submitted to me but if its too much work, I will not publish the article.


1.   Proper grammar, NO SPAM or SPUN ARTICLES

2.   Maximum of 2 links

3.   Original article

4.   Include image, tags, and keywords and author bio

In otherwise, send it ready for me to post. Put the article in the body of the email and the image in a separate document. You don’t need permission to send me your articles. Go ahead and send them if you meet the above requirements. I reserve the right to publish your article on my site.

If your question hasn’t been answered, email me at contactus@lifethenfinance.com.

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