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In school, we spent years learning about science, language, math, and social studies from textbooks, but we spent very little time — if at all — on real life skills like saving, making, and managing money.

The truth is, money management is not a skill that we’re all born with — it’s acquired.

The good news is that you can easily learn the skill!

In this E-Course, we’ll go over several key areas including:

Finance Mindset – Dial into The Success Channel
What does Credit have to do with Lifestyle?
Credit Cards – A love hate Relationship
Getting Out of Debt and Staying out of Debt
Budgeting – I know where My Money is Coming From & Where it’s Going
Banking – Banks or Credit Unions, The Choice is yours
Boosting your Income – Think Bigger, Think Global, Think Internet
Skill Growth – Work your Brain Muscles & You will Excel
Risk Management – It’s a Jungle out There; be on The Look Out
Long-Term Planning – Think Futuristic
Investing – What’s your Flavor
Protecting Your Identify – It’s Real

At the end of each chapter, there are a series of self-reflection questions and action steps. Take some time to answer these questions and implement these steps. After all, your financial success is up to you!

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