How to Cut Back Your Expenses in Order to Save Money

Experts advise us to save at least enough money to cover six months worth of living expenses in case of emergency. Well, that’s pretty much a wish list for most of us, right? I think we’re probably always working towards that goal. Fortunately, these easy tips can help you reach that goal by allowing you to cut back your expenses in order to save money.


Insurance Checkup

If your home owner’s or car insurance policy is a few years old, it’s time for an insurance checkup. Time has passed and your needs may have changed since the initial policy was created, so you may be over paying for coverage that is no longer need. Make an appointment with your home, auto and health insurance agent to go over your policy and discover if you can save money by cutting coverage expenses.

Slash Electronics Expenses

Cell phone bills are enormous, followed closely by cable or satellite bills. Keeping up with the electronic Jones’ is costly, but how much of it do you really need? Would bare bones, pre-paid cell phone meet your needs instead of the latest high-priced phone with all the bells and whistles? Cut back on cell phone and other electronic device expenses and you can save money. Compare provider plans to get the best deals on services you deem to be essential, you can save up to 50% by comparison shopping and negotiating.


Shop Smart

Have you checked out the merchandise in a Dollar Store lately? Quality merchandise, including food, can be bought at a great price at virtually any location. Buying just 10 items per week at a Dollar Store, saving an average of $1 per item, will save you $10 each week. Stash that $10 weekly savings in the bank and it will accumulate into over $500 per year. This is smart shopping which allows you to cut back on expenses without cutting back on the items purchased.


Cheap Eats

Eat we must, but the eats can be cheap and good. Save money on food by shopping at your local Farmer’s Market, fish market and yes, even the Dollar Stores. Best prices are found on food items which are in season and items change every few days. Be flexible in meal planning and recipes and you’ll be able to feed your family quality food (which they’ll like) at a reduced price. Remember to ‘brown bag’ lunches (use leftovers when possible) to save even more money.


Save Gas Money

The high price of gas is a thorn in everyone’s side, impacting everyone’s wallet at some level, even if we don’t drive. To save money on gas, walk when possible, bike if it’s not, and take public transit if it’s an option. If none of these work, use these tips to cut driving expenses and save money: Don’t fill the gas tank in the heat of the day, you’ll get more fumes and less gas than if you fill up during the cooler morning or evening hours. Don’t buy gas if a tanker truck is at the station re-filling the underground fuel tanks. The dredges at the bottom of the underground tank are being stirred up and you may get them in your gas tank. Avoid as many complete stops and starts as possible by slowing down before getting to a traffic light and keep the windows rolled up while driving to avoid wind drag.


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