How to Declutter your life in 60 seconds – Email Purging

The era of the information age comes with its drawbacks. Depending on your personality, you may be like most of us who collect the information but never have time to actually read it.

Decluttering your life is essential. When I am excited about a topic, my default reaction is to sign-up to as many newsletters as I can find. Create special inboxes in my email based on topic. Of course after months have gone by, I realize I never had time to check out the new information I was storing away. Unfortunately, all this clutter we keep, creates unnecessary overload in our lives.

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Today’s exercise is for you to declutter your inbox. Be bold, you will be amazed at how clear headed you feel after the process. Unsubscribe to newsletters that don’t benefit you and modify your social media notifications.

The more garbage you invite into your life, the more garbage your will reproduce.  Maintain email purging as a lifestyle and If you are so inclined, you can move on to your closet, kitchen, library etc.… these small steps will improve the quality of your life.

Leave a comment below of your experience after email purging. Feel free to share your before and after pictures.



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