How To Stop Procrastinating

Procrastination in the general sense is putting off tasks that must be done and waiting to perform them at the very last minute. This is a habit we practice more than we would like to. Procrastination can be detrimental to every day life.  It is human nature for us to avoid performing tasks until there is no other way of them. A lot of people have problems with procrastination, and a few know how they can deal with it, and where they should start.

List all tasks in order of importance: Keep only the top 3 tasks that add value to your goal or purpose. Overwhelm can lead to procrastination and by narrowing down the tasks to the most relevant, it is easier to get started.

Small Tasks: Break-down the tasks into small practical steps that can be performed now rather than later. Focus on starting and consistently adding a few steps as you gain momentum which will help you accomplish your goal.

Just-In-Time learning method: This is when you acquire knowledge, information or skills as needed. We are in the information age and we tend to get ahead of ourselves with loads of both useful and useless information before starting on a task. When you practice JIT learning, you only focus on the information needed to perform the task at hand.

Accountability: This is a very important element. By knowing that you have to report to a Peer groups, spouse, friend or a family member, the natural reaction is not to procrastinate but rather get started on working on the task.

Perfection: This is a common excuse of why most of us procrastinate because we are not sure of the outcome. Self talk will lead to false expectation and personal burden thus hindering your progress. Just get started and aim for excellence. The improvements will come with time.

How do you avoid procrastinating?



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