How To Tell If You Have Limiting Beliefs

What are limiting beliefs:

Limiting beliefs are those which constrain us in some way affecting our identity and the way we show-up in life.

Some examples of limiting beliefs:

  • Religious
  • Social
  • Cultural
  • Governing systems

Here are some signs that you have limiting beliefs.

-If you are sick, broke, bursted and disgusted while serving God with all your heart

– Frustration that things are not working. The programing of culture, society, religion etc… has got a hold of you and it shows.

-Saying you have the power of God with no power to show for it in your life.

-Lack of confidence

-Lack of self-love and therefore love for others especially those who don’t subscribe to your way of life and your way of doing things.

-You are stuck in the old way of doing things even when they are not working

-When your religious, culture or social beliefs cause division and a separation in people. That’s to say, if you don’t believe in my creed, you are an outcast.

-If you assume spirituality is the only answer to your life’s situations. You have to used wisdom and balance mind, body and soul. We have to apply practically steps to effect change otherwise we end up with broke prayer warriors, over weight pastors and teachers. As we gain knowledge, applications and wisdom is key

-You are judgmental of yourself and others: Always remember you are wonderfully and fearfully made even your soul knows it. If you are judgement, you have bought into some limiting belief and you are reflecting it on others by judging them as well. Whatever we do to others, we are doing it to ourselves because we are one.

-Stagnation is your way of life: We have a creative God. Stagnation in any form is unacceptable. Something is blocking you if you are stagnant. Ask God to reveal to you so you may work your way through it.

Knowing the limiting beliefs that are holding you back is the first step to making a long lasting transformation in your life.

Do you have have any of these tell-tell signs of limiting beliefs?

If yes, what are you doing to let go of the limiting belief.

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