Your Financial Freedom Is Closer Than You Think

Instructed by Keroy King: Personal Development/Personal Finance

Christian Women's Online CoursesLectures: 63

Video: 4.5 Hours

Skill level: All level

Languages: English

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Course Description

  • Are you living paycheck to pay check?
  • Are your credit cards maxed out?
  • Have you lost control of your expenses?
  • Are you a slave to your debt?
  • Do you work hard but always have a hard time making ends meet?
  • Are you in fear of losing your home?
  • Have you considered filing for bankruptcy?
  • Have you ever asked, “Where did my money go”?
  • How about the fear of never having enough money to retire?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then this Personal Finance Management course on how to manage Your Money is for YOU. JOIN NOW!!

Money related issues are among the leading cause of divorce in our society. In addition, money is one of the top causes of stress. But you deserve to be free from fear! So if you want to learn How to Manage Your Money by SAVING MORE, MAKING MORE and INVESTING MORE.


Over 1.4 million people in the United States filed for bankruptcy in 2009

43% of American families spend more that what they earn

The average household has $8,000 in credit card debt

Don’t be another Statistic.


What are the requirements?

  • Make a personal commitment to apply the lessons learned.

 What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 63 lectures and 4.5 hours of content!
  • Improved quality of life and stop being scared
  • Gain confidence that you will be able to provide adequately for your spouse and children. Leaving an inheritance for not only your children but your children’s children
  • Having the liberty to choose when and where to retire
  • Achieve financial peace and financial freedom
  • Living a debt-free lifestyle

What is the target audience?

This personal finance course is intended for students who are struggling with managing their finances. Also, students who have never been taught about money will benefit greatly from the course.


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Section 1: Introduction

Money Mindset

Section 2: Budgeting

Creating an Effective Money Map

01 Summary Creating An Effective Budget

01 Cheat sheet Create A Budget

01 Worksheet Create A Budget

Cultivating a Culture of Giving

Staying with in your Budget

02 Summary Staying On A Budget

02 Cheat sheet Maintain & Modify Your Budget

02 Worksheet Maintain & Modify Your Budget

Section 3: Get Out Of Debt

08 Getting Out Of Debt

08 Summary Get Out Of Debt

08 Cheat sheet Get Out Of Debt

08 Worksheet Get Out Of Debt

Ways to Reduce Credit Card Debt

Debt Consolidation

Section 4: Banking

31 Banking

31 Banking Worksheet

Section 5: Identity Theft

Protecting Your Identity

15 Summary Identity Theft

15 Cheat sheet Identity Theft

15 Worksheet Identity Theft

Section 6: Income

Best Ways To Reducing Expenses

03 Summary Reducing Expenses

03 Cheat sheet Ways To Save

03 Worksheet Ways To Save

Should I Lease or Buy to Own a Car

09 Ways To Bring In Extra Cash

09 Summary Ways To Bring In Extra Cash

09 Cheat sheet Make Extra Cash

09 Worksheet Make Extra Cash

32 Income

32 Income Worksheet

32 Income Projected Job Growth Worksheet

Section 7: Short-Term Saving

05 Short-Term Savings

05 Summary Short Term Goals

05 Cheat sheet Short Term Goals

05 Worksheet Short Term Goals

17 Procrastinating

33 Entrepreneurship

34 Skill Growth

Section 8: Long-Term Planning

06 Long Term Savings

06 Summary Long Term Planning

06 Cheat sheet Long Term Goals

06 Worksheet Long Term Goals

Section 9: Refinance your Mortgage

10 Should You Refinance Your Mortgage

10 Summary Should You Refinance Your Mortgage

10 Cheat sheet Refinance Your Mortgage

10 Worksheet Refinance Your Mortgage

Section 10: Investing in your Future

38 Investing: Prepare To Invest

38 Investing

38 Investing Worksheet

19 Advantages of a Roth IRA

Section 11: Networking

36 Business Relations – Networking

36 Networking Worksheet

Section 12: Insurance

Risk Management

Calculated Risk


Auto Insurance

Health Insurance

Section 13: Bonus Materials

Bible Verses About Money

Recommended Resources



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Instructor Biography:

Keroy King is a Christian Women’s Empowerment Expert and founder of Life Then Finance, a community where she teaches women to overcome obstacles that are holding them back so they can quickly and effectively live a full-filled and purpose driven life. Even when they think the odds are stacked against them.

Keroy King has a Degree in Finance from California State University, Northridge (CSUN), and absolutely loves helping women reach the mark of their highest calling. She is also the creator of several personal finance and personal transformation online courses.

2015-04-27_1151Course Reviews:

Expert Guidance on Personal Finance

This course is great in explaining how to master your personal finance. The structure of the course has been well planned – each lesson is presented with great clarity in a concise, right to the point manner. This medium-sized course is about as comprehensive as it should be without overwhelming me with too much information. Keroy (the instructor) covers each topic with amazing attention to detail in an engaging tone. Also, working files are generously provided whenever applicable. What impresses me most are the insights she shares based on her own experience – the practical tips that would save me a lot of time from having to figure it out myself. In a nutshell, if you’re looking to learn how to master your personal finance, this course will help you get there effectively ~ By Michael Choke via Udemy


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