Personal Finance 101: Investing In Your Future

Investing is made up of a number of different investment categories or asset classes.

Stocks and bonds are the asset classes that you are most likely to hear about. Some features are:

  • They are easy to buy and sell.
  • The price points vary widely.
  • They have a history of providing positive returns. Keep in mind that the returns are not guaranteed and they are not positive every year.

Mutual funds are another asset class. These funds own a pool, or collection, of investments of a particular type. Some mutual fund companies sell shares directly to investors and some are available through brokerage accounts or banks.

Real estate is an asset class that a person will often invest in first. Real estate can play a role in getting to your financial goals because it often becomes more valuable over time.

There are several ways of investing; it all depends on your overall goal and risk tolerance level. One of the reasons for investing is to retire comfortably.


How soon should you be thinking about your retirement? The answer is not soon enough!

There are decisions you need to make and options you need to consider before you retire. Some of the main points to think about are:

  1. Do you have enough money in savings to retire safely?
  2. Do you have enough money saved in programs like 401Ks to enable you to retire?
  3. Do you know how to apply for your piece of the retirement benefits offered to you from Social Security?

It is important to sit down and plan for your retirement if you don’t know the answers to any of the above questions.

You can start by contacting a Human Resources representative at your place of employment. You can also do a search online for “Retirement Planning Checklists” or “Retirement Preparation Checklists”.



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