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Thank you for your interest in our coaching program. You are on your way to making a major personal transformation that will positively enhance your life and that of your circle of influence.

There is a venting and application process. I personally select those who can join the program. It is important to me that we are a good fit for each other in order to get the best desired results.

Please read the qualifying requirements carefully:

  • Desire to BE MORE and DO MORE with your life
  • Must be Christian
  • Ready to invest in yourself
  • Coachable mindset
  • Desire to live a purpose-driven life
  • Ready to be influential, gain audience and impact the lives of others
  • Ready to implement with speed (Talk is cheap. Talk without results is fake)
  • Ready to think outside the box and believe for the impossible (be & do things beyond your own ability)
  • Willing to do the hard-work to create the desired change (forceful engagement to effect and maintain a permanent change)


  • Personal Growth (Identity and Authority, Mindset, Environment, Emotions, Priorities, etc…)
  • Spiritual Growth (Divine Package, Faith, Prayer, Serving, Holy Spirit, Fasting, etc…)
  • Fundamentals of Money Management (Budgeting, Get out of Debt, Giving, Divine Success, etc…)


Diamond Circle – One-on-One

Silver Circle – Group Coaching


OUTLINE Of Coaching Program: **Program includes weekly coaching calls**


Here you will get Support, Empowerment, Accountability and Training (S.E.A.T) to establish and strengthen your partnership with God and effectively live a fulfilled and purpose-driven life.

 women's coaching program, support, empowerment, accountability, training


How to achieve fulfillment and purpose with partnership with God.

Partnership with God (Personal growth+ Spiritual growth+ Money Management)

LTF - Partnership with God Formular

Diamond Circle Details (One-on-One Coaching):

women's coaching program

√ One Hour Weekly one-on-one coaching call

√ Weekly one hour group coaching call via google+ hangout

√ Life-time access to “Steps To Becoming a Purpose-Driven Woman” online course ($399.00 Value)

√ Life-time access to “Money Truths: Learn How to Budget & Get out of Debt” online course ($399.oo Value)

 √ Access to worksheets and cheat-sheets

√ Unlimited Email Access


Silver Circle Details (Group Coaching):

women's coaching program

√ One hour Group Coaching call via google+ hangout every week

√ Life-time access to “3 steps to Becoming a Purpose-Driven Woman” online course ($399.00 Value)

√ Access to worksheets and cheat-sheets

√ Unlimited Email Access


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