Portraits of Leadership

How often do you hear men and women alike complaining about people in leadership positions? Immediately following their complaint, they are constantly commenting “Someone ought to do something concerning this.”

It isn’t about hoping for someone else to do something – this is about each of us being examples of the solutions we would like to see in today’s world. That may be a fact for every person regardless of what we are now practicing. Just like Gandhi pointed out, “We have to be the change we want to see in the world”.

Complaining with respect to both the situations and troubles we must face is an easy yet useless exercise. This is particularly true for network marketers, managers and executives connected with big business. As a leader your only effective strategy is first to be the things you want to see in others. If you want your team to be enthusiastic, honest, trustworthy and loyal, then you get to show up that way first. Do that and marvel at what happens.

Dale Carnegie, who is definitely one of my favorite heroes, wrote in his Little Golden Book: “Don’t complain, condemn or criticize.” That’s brilliant guidance and is often the reverse of what just about everyone is doing. Try Carnegie’s solution for seven days – ok perhaps two days to start. Any time you see yourself beginning to complain attack or belittle an individual or circumstance, stop and be a witness to your own conduct. One of the things you may discover in your own conduct is places where you can immediately begin to transform yourself into the kind of person who does the kind of things you would like to see happen in the world. So, for example, if you find you aren’t valued for your hard work, don’t worry. Instead evaluate whether or not you are valuing your team, your leadership, your mentors or your opportunity. Whenever you aren’t demonstrating and giving value to all that touches your life, you probably won’t be getting it either. Be aware that leadership is the job of leaders. If that’s you, then keep in mind that the world’s problems aren’t up to another person to solve, it will be up to you.

Complete your projects at the peak of your skill level. Each day challenge yourself to provide greater and superior results as well as savor your time and energy and results. Because you do this, larger, more effective and more satisfactory work with more desirable wage will find you. Understand it doesn’t materialize vice versa. You rise up because you emerge as more effective and too big for what you may do at this point.

Quit looking around to see if others aren’t pulling their weight so you can point it out. Resist the temptation to engage in conversations with yourself like “Why should I create my best even though the rest don’t?” That will keep you stuck in a continuous, state of failure. The people who cause great things to happen advance because their center of focus is on them, running for perfection and undertaking the strategies that ultimately produced the life they would like to lead.

One excellent organizer I always treasured is the late Mary Kay Ash, the visionary who created Mary Kay Cosmetics. She regularly told the story that while in her first year of business her sales were so bad she was ready to quit. Later that year she traveled to her employer’s major sales convention; while on that trip she observed a sleek elegant woman who was crowned Queen of Sales as a reward for being the top sales person of the year.

Mary Kay resolved in that moment that she was going to be crowned queen the upcoming year. And she moved forward and accomplished that goal. How did she do it? Here are the habits she practiced and preached throughout the time of her life that she used to build one of the great network marketing companies of all time. You get to benefit from her wisdom as you build your own empire.

At the outset you will need to begin with the undeniable fact that you are a good human being, an incredible leader that deserves success. Thereafter execute each of these recommended activities every single day to help you design the image of excellence and start to develop an environment of success in your life.

Just imagine yourself being a successful leader: Continuously picture yourself as successful. Envision the individual you want to become.

Allow not less than 10 minutes every single day to remain alone and undisturbed, while you get into a comfortable, casual position. Close your eyes and concentrate on your dreams and goals. See yourself within this new surrounding competent and confident. Look for greatness in yourself and others.

Search for greatness in yourself and others. Learn from other great leaders and cultivate the habits you cherish.

Reflect on Your Past Successes: Every single triumph, whether it is large or small, is now proof that you’re capable of obtaining more success. Commemorate and congratulate yourself for each and every success. Recapture each of these successes when you begin to lose faith in yourself.

Seek out chances to portray your leadership attributes. Start out giving yourself an order and then adhering to it. One must realize ways to manage oneself to be able to lead other people, group or company.

Establish Definitive Objectives: Clearly define what you desire to produce. Get going with crafting a strategy regardless of how ordinary it is and begin taking action.

Your present outcomes are insignificant – basically be aware of what you wish to produce ultimately. Remember when you begin to deviate from your target and take instantaneous corrective action.

Respond Positively To Life: Develop a positive self-image. Your image, your particular response to life as well as your decisions are completely within your control. Disregard any conversation that is not positive and up lifting especially the ones you have with yourself. When you do this, you will find ever increasing good in every day.

Leadership is your responsibility if you decide to take it on and it begins with a series of small, simple steps. Don’t be in a hurry because leadership is a lifelong commitment.

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