Simple Networking Ideas for Finding a New Job

The old tale still holds true today. The way to finding a job is through networking. Networking boils down to socializing and not many of us can bare the thought of engaging in social events and mingling with strangers.

Here are some simple ways to show others that you are a qualified candidate for an open position.

  • Create Face book profile separate from your personal page. The profile is specifically for your professional and career information, interaction and for your acquaintances. Post your resume and start to befriend people within your line of work.
  • Create a LinkedIn profile. Everybody needs to have an account on LinkedIn. My personal experience has been great. The people are professional, well versed in their fields of study and willing to share. There’s plenty of networking that goes on in LinkedIn and in cases where you need an introduction to a potential employer, you are bound to find someone in your network of friends who can make the introduction. Use the tools to create a profile and contact people you already know and those you don’t so that you can grow your network. The more the merrier and the closer you are to interacting with very interesting and resourceful people. You never know who is connected to your friends and colleagues!
  • Always carry business cards. This is still one of the common methods of exchanging information. You never know when you’re going to meet someone that might have the ability to help in your job search.
  • Blog about your profession or your passion. You’ll attract people in the same field and also demonstrate your expertise and authority in your particular field of expertise.
  • Follow blogs in your industry that add value to you. Subscribe and become an active member and contributor to those blogs. In turn, you will be showing your expertise and you are bound to meet people who will be helpful in your job search.
  • Keep your friends and family informed of your search. They will actively keep an hear out for you. When you try to count the people we know, the people our friends know, the number grows very fast. Soon you will have an army of people scouting a job for you. Tell everyone what you’re looking for; you might be surprised who can help.
  • Get a Twitter account. It’s amazing how a 120 character text can produce amazing results. Follow everyone in your field. Follow everyone you can in the geographic location you wish to work for. Tweet away. Keep the information relevant so that your followers can quickly know who you are and what you are about.
  • Have your elevator pitch ready. You should be able to fire off in 30 seconds who you are, what you do, and what problems you can solve.
  • Get a professional email address designated for professional use . Using doesn’t sound very professional. When choosing an email address for professional use, keep it formal. reflects maturity and a degree of seriousness.Allow yourself to experiment with all the tools at your disposal. Your next awesome job is around the corner.

Allow yourself to experiment with all the tools at your disposal. Your next awesome job is around the corner.

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Keroy King

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