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I speak every day with sincere, hard-working men and women who desire financial success but struggle with saving money on a regular basis.  Whether single or married, whether an hourly worker or in a high-six-figure-income career position, these good and responsible people sooner or later recognize that “something’s missing” in their loosely-conceived “financial plan”.


Americans typically spend more time planning weekend activities than they do planning their financial success!  And this is a great pity, because everyone can do far better for themselves and their families . . . it just takes a simple, meaningful plan, and a bit of discipline to follow that plan to its inevitable, gold-plated conclusion.  (For a personalized financial plan, call 818-710-1728 or contact us at


Financial wisdom is not taught in our schools and we rarely learn such things from our parents, except for “do well in school, go to college and get a good job”.   While this is useful advice, it falls far short of what is needed to leverage a 30 or 40-year career into a lifetime and retirement of true financial security.


It is remarkable that America has been the richest nation on earth for a century, but our economy is bankrupt!  American families have had the highest incomes and highest standard of living for a century, but we’re still bankrupt!  Why?  Because we have spent too much, we’ve spent more than we earned, we’ve lived and “spent as if there was no tomorrow”.  See the pattern?  If we spend more than we earn and don’t save for tomorrow, our financial future will be doomed.


Develop a plan NOW to save wisely, that minimizes your taxes, and provides an immediate legacy to your family and loved ones.  Put your hard-earned money where it can grow but is shielded from the stock market “casino”.  Seek guarantees against losses.


If you don’t think you can start saving today, consider the high cost of waiting to begin a systematic savings program.


Meet twin sisters Emily and Marla.  At age 25, Emily begins to save $500/month in an account that earns 7% per year.  If she consistently saves $500 per month, when she retires at age 65, she’ll have a gold-plated retirement plan balance of $1,312,406.


Marla, however, waited 10 years longer than her sister before she began to save for her retirement.  So, at age 35, Marla finally began saving $500/month and also earned 7% interest.  When Marla retires at age 65, she will have only $609,985 . . . more than $700,000 LESS than her sister.

To summarize: Twins Emily and Marla both saved $500/month for their retirement, but Emily started 10 years earlier than her sister.  Since Emily started 10 years earlier, her total amount paid in was $60,000 more than for Marla ($500/month x 120 months).  But look at this: Emily’s retirement fund is $702,000 greater than that of her sister!  This cost of waiting illustration highlights the impact of time and compound interest on the value of our long-term savings plans.


Action Plan:  Meet NOW with an experienced financial advisor who will assess your unique circumstances and recommend several options to get you on track financially.  You should consider guaranteed investments from banks and insurance companies, and mutual funds, stocks and similar options.  Be sure to consider the long-term tax implications of each option.  For more information and to get started, call 818-710-1728 or contact us at




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