Temporary Income While Looking for a Permanent Job

It is no secret that there are so many people being affected by the down economy. Others are struggling to make ends meet due to reduced work hours or job loss.

While you may feel hard-pressed to find a job, there are many alternative ways to earn some income and get the bills paid during this transitional period. This list of ideas is a blueprint to help you brainstorm additional clever ways to stay a float.

1. Get a part-time job
This is an excellent way to start earning and keep your head above water. Employment agencies are a good place to start looking for temporary work. Interestingly some of those positions can turn into permanent placements. When consulting with the agencies always ask for temp to hire positions. This literally means the employer has the intentions of having someone permanent for the position.

2. Freelance
Do you have skills that people need? Can you design websites? Repair computers? Are you bi-lingual? Can you write decent articles quickly or proof read? How about tutoring? Or Babysitting?
As you can see the options are endless. You may be able to find enough work to keep you pretty busy and might make more money than you would think. Do not be quick to discount your abilities. Being out of a permanent job does not necessary mean you lack earning potential. Make a list of all your abilities and find people willing to pay for them.
Look at freelance.com and elance.com. These a good sites to market your abilities.

3. Fiverr.com
This site is awesome for both buyer and sellers. Fiverr.com is a website that allows anyone to post a product or service that costs $5. The website takes $1, so your profit is really $4. If you can think of something that doesn’t take a lot of time, you can make some decent spending money. There are also several other websites similar to Fiverr.com that allow you to charge up to $25 for quick services or products. A Google search for “Fiverr Clones” should call up several for you to consider.

4. Buy and Sell on Ebay
Ebay is well-known marketplace and also has a user-friendly site for new sellers. You can choose to buy products at a discounted price and re-sell them on ebay for a profit. This practice is common with buying at auctions, purchasing contents of abandoned storage units or buying at outlet stores at wholesale prices. For new and used books, Amazon is a trusted source by consumers. Take sometime and explore with these online stores.

5. Garage Sale
Clean out the garage and attic. Some of the stuff you might see as junk, other people collect. Some items you never use, others may actually need. Unload the stuff you don’t need or use anymore, and make some cash. You can sell your unused items at a garage sale or on eBay. Old toys, baseball cards, tools, and more can all be worth a surprising amount of money to the right buyer.

8. Buy garage sale items and re-sell for a profit
Spending Fridays and Saturdays snapping up bargains from garage sales and selling them at Flea Markets or on eBay can be very lucrative. This is also a profession that provides a full-time living with part-time hours for many folks.

9. Try landscaping
Landscaping has become a profitable hobby or full-time living for many. If you have a way with plants and an eye for design, you can charge a pretty penny for doing some landscaping and make some hefty profits.

10. Make money from your hobby
If you love to bake, build furniture or decorate, arts and crafts, create personalized scrapbooks, home-made gifts of all kinds, and so on. If you don’t have a hobby like this, the skills for many of them are easily learned and enjoyable as well. These items can be sold at flea markets, on Etsy.com or eBay.

Being between jobs doesn’t mean you have to do without income. Use these ideas to jolt your creativity and start earning an income. In the process, you may awaken your passion for other areas of work that you may not have considered.

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