Tithing is an Act of Faith, Worship and Obedience

Tithing is an act of obedience with clear guidelines of giving your first ten percent of any increase you get. Therefore, as you receive wages, your first ten percent goes to your local church where you are spiritually feed. This is before you pay bills and any other obligations.

Following the “seed-time and harvest principle”, no farmer would plant seed in infertile ground. You should prayerfully consider where you are giving. It should be good ground e.g. bible-based church, winning soul, making disciples, promoting the gospel etc.… There has to be fruit. Meaning there has to be tangible results of the progress that church or organization is making in advancing the kingdom of God and taking care of all his children.

Besides your local church, you can give to other ministries. This is a decision that should be done prayerfully. It’s usually where your heart is drawn to without compulsion or manipulation. Each individual will be guided differently on where and how to give.

Remember to give cheerfully, give abundantly and give willingly.

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