Top 7 Budgeting & Personal Finance Apps

We all want to manage and budget our money in the right way. However, not everyone is good at monitoring where his or her money goes. Sometimes, there are some unexpected expenses we have to make. There are also people who spend and not keep track of how much money they have left. These people often find themselves wondering why they don’t have any money left. Luckily, there are apps available that will help people manage and budget their money wherever they might be. Here are the top 7 budgeting & personal finance apps for people who need them.


1.    BUDGT – this app is available for the iOS for $0.99. BUDGT focus on expense tracking and fast and hard budgeting. The clean interface makes using this app simple and easy to understand. It does not have as many features like other app, but it is enough for simple needs.



2.    SPENDEE – this app is available for the iOS for $1.99. With SPENDEE, expenses are logged into their own categories with the option to take snapshots of the receipts. Users will be able to see where their money is going because the app will break it down to them.


3.    Expense Manager – this is available for the Android. There are two versions of this app, the free and the paid version. The free version offer basic budgeting features. The free app allows the users create their own budget categories and input their expenses. The app will monitor how much of the budget is left. The paid version adds features like a pie chart of the user’s expenses, income management, and statistics.



4.    One Touch Expenser – this app is a free Android app. This app allows the user to set up a budget and divide it into categories like food, medicine, gas, and others. Reminders can be set for particular bills and other expenses.Helpful widgets are available to help users input their expenses easier.



5.    Toshl Finance – this app is available and free for both Android and iOS. The app features cute characters that help the user budget their money. Users will be able to categorize their budget and expenses. This is a simple but effective expense logging app.



6.    Money by Jumsoft – this app is available for the iOS for $1.99. The app can be synched with a desktop application but can also stand on its own. With this app, users can divide their budget and expenses into categories and keep track of how much money they have left. Users can also work with multiple currencies, work with budget in varying periods, and look at infographics. This app has many features, which others don’t but the interface may be a little confusing.



7.    Moneywise – this app is free for Android. The app allows the user to create and change multiple budgets, configure periods of income, set payment schedules, and display how much of the budget is left. Furthermore, the app can work offline while also allowing the user to send their data to an email or cloud storage.



Budgeting is important and should be done properly otherwise, the money that we worked for might just disappear without understanding where they have gone. With the help of budgeting and finance apps, we can keep track of our expenses and make sure we still have enough money for the next coming days.

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Keroy King is a Financial Educator, Podcast Host, Keynote Speaker & Empowerment Expert, residing in Los Angeles, California and the Founder of "Life Then Finance" a community where she coaches individuals to overcome personal and financial obstacles that are holding them back so they can quickly and effectively live a full-filled and purpose driven life. Even when they think the odds are stacked against them. She is also an online course creator & instructor of several personal finance and personal transformation online courses.

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