What would you Prefer: Disinherit your family or disinherit Uncle Sam?

Did you know that more than one-third of your 401k or IRA retirement savings will not go to either you or your family?  Have you considered the devastating impact upon your lifestyle when the Federal Government begins taxing your retirement plan?


Have you ever considered a “Code Section 7702 Private Pension”?  These cutting-edge retirement solutions have been employed by high-net-worth investors for over 30 years.  If you are a medical professional or the owner/co-owner of a successful business, have discretionary income, and are able to seriously fund a tax-advantaged retirement program, let us know!


Income withdrawals from 7702 plans are 100% tax-free, accumulation accounts are completely sheltered from the stock market “casino”, and plans are backed by some of the most financially secure companies in America.  Get the facts before you put another dollar into your 401k or IRA. Call 818-710-1728 or write to wealthmarkone1@juno.com.


About the Author

Randy Bemis helps people prepare for some of the most significant days of their lives!  When it comes to buying a home, sending children/grandchildren off to college, or planning for a gold-plated retirement, Randy’s team of advisors have the wisdom and experience that you demand.  WealthMark/One Financial since 1982. 818-710-1728,wealthmarkone1@juno.com.