Women Empowerment: Who Are You ? (1 of 8)

Helping you to strengthen your partnership with God. So you may quickly and effectively live a fulfilled and purposeful life. In this short video, I want to address Who You Are?
Who are you in Christ?
If you don’t get a grip of your identity, anything is going to take ownership. So I want you to think deeply, who you are?
You are royalty. You are the child of the most high. There are lots of things that derail us from the path. So once we get the desire to find out our real purpose, we have to know our genealogy.
Who do we belong to? What do we have in store over there? And then take claim of it. As a child of the most high, most things are going to work seamlessly for you.
Yes, there maybe adversaries but those adversaries are going to be part of your excellence and your story. Once you learn to solve those challenges, now, you are going to be an agent of change in your area regarding those challenges.
As the child of the most high, behave like one, stay away from the little annoyances. Which are very low level warfare. We don’t need that. And don’t engage in any of that sort.
You are royalty. Behave like one and if you are not sure, such out the word of God until you get the revelation of who you are, what you’re entitled to and the things you’re going to accomplish.
Whatever purpose you have, it is not only for you. You know it’s going to involve people. Lots of people. God needs agents. He needs vessels to use and apparently he chose you.


Women Empowerment: You’ve Got Help (2 of 8)

We are continuing from our series. If you haven’t watched the previous video, it’s regarding your identity. Today we are going to talk about soul.
You are royalty. You have the ability to do all things but are you sure you can really do all those things? You know that was something I had to ask myself. Did I have the capacity to actually implement the visions God was giving me. That reality scared me.
Do you have the ability to actually implement these things God has given you? And the best part is, YES YOU CAN!. Matthew 11:11 of those born of women John the Baptist was the greatest at the time but those of us who are least in the kingdom even if you’ve just gotten into the kingdom yesterday, guess what? We are greater than John the Baptist.
And what does that all mean? It means those people you read about David, Moses, Abraham, etc, you have greater potential than they did.
You do have greater potential than all those guys. It’s because of the help of the Holy Spirit. It’s such an awesome thing. Don’t sit around thinking “Oh my God” I have all these visions and I have no clue, how to do it. Your job is just to be that vessel and say yes. The Holy Spirit is there to help you, aid you. One of his jobs is to teach spiritual and non-spiritual things. Isn’t that good?
Guess who you’re going to call on? The Holy Spirit. He’s there to help you out. You’re royalty and you got plenty of help. Stand up. Yes, put your chin up, real high, shoulders back. Go on and implement. Take one step at a time, you’re doing good.


Women Empowerment: Your Entitlements In Christ (3 of 8)

There are two videos so far. So make sure to check them out. The first video was “Who are you in Christ?” The second video is “you have got help”. The third video is “do you know your entitlements in the kingdom?” If you choose to say yes, to the calling on your life, you are going to fulfill your purpose.
But you have to know what you’re entitled too. The seven things that you are entitled to as the daughter of the most high. You know, if you don’t know that your dad or your mom left you an inheritance, people can mess you up and you never find out what you’ve got. You have to know these things. So your father gave you some stuff. But you have to know what it is and you have to reclaim them and you have to keep an eye out So that no one deceives you regarding what you’ve got.
And the seven things are 1) Power 2) riches 3) wisdom 4) strength 5) honor 6) glory 7) blessings and with blessings you know that includes all those things like children, and marriage and family and good health. As we go through this journey of living a fulfilled and purpose driven life we know what you’re entitled to as the child of God, you’re entitled to those seven redemptive treasures know that they’re yours and know that you have access to them.
Yes it may not feel right, right now but the more you hear and build your faith you’re going to realize; oh my God I am a big deal. I’m going to fulfill the purpose God design me to do and not only that, I’m going to get all these things in the package. Stay encouraged.


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