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By Lifethenfinance

We humans are the only one using money in today’s world – nope, not your “Tickle Me Elmo” doll, not your favorite plants, and certainly not your dog! As you can see, money play major roles in our everyday lives so why not study it instead of ignore it?

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Welcome and thank you for investing in this common cents guide to tapping into your subconscious financial genius to take immediate control of your finances, have your money working and live a happier life!

Wether you want to:

  • Manage your funds for security reasons,
  • Make a lot of money,
  • Live secured and comfortably, or even
  • Yank yourself free from your financial disasters!

Nonetheless, the information in this financial survivor guide is more important than ever. I mean, of course it is! Money is the subject here – so important because we use money everyday.

When you go to the nearest grocery, you need money. When you pay your bills, you need money. When you want to invest, you need money. When you earn our next income, there is your money to pay all of the above.

Yes, what I am saying is indeed in its simplest statement, but it is this financial ignorance that is causing financial disasters everywhere, even too eminent to ignore!


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