LTFP097 – 14 Signs That You are Drifting Through Life

This episode was inspired by the book Think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill. It doesn’t take effort to drift, just flow with the direction of your environment , surrounding and follow the path of least resistance.

How to tell you are drifting ?

1. You know there’s more to you than meets the eye

2. Your dislike your work, life

3. You are drained at the end of the day for doing wrong work, listen to the wrong things and participating in wrong activities

4. You have no plan

5. If you have asked the question, where did the time go

6. Unmotivated to accomplish anything

7. When you point fingers at others

8. Jack of all trades and master of none

9. When you have an excuse for everything

10. You don’t take or seek counsel

11. Pride has clouded your perception

12. You have uncompleted projects

13. Hoarding, not only having too much stuff but also having alternative ways to store the stuff like storage units

14. Unwilling to learn


  • Get a plan
  • What gets you excited – recall a time when you felt like a conquerer .what was that thing ? And do more of it

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Keroy King

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