Dianna Moore

Listening to Your Course While I Workout!!

You talked about me in the “getting it done” chapter!!
Lady! I am totally inspired! Just listening to your course in the gym. I literally sat there and wrote down like 10 things that I can make videos on. I wanted to do something similar like a tele-course downloadable course so….thank you thank you thank you
Thank you for your sharing! Thank you for being an encourager! And thank you for being an example of what can happen when you listen to the voice of God! Love you lady

Dianna Moore Founder, Empowerhouse Fitness

Another High Quality Course from Keroy King

Having enjoyed the clarity of instruction and step-by-step guidance of Keroy in her previous course “My Financial Playground,” I was expecting another high quality course from her. And boy, I’m impressed! In this next course, her instructions are just as clear as ever, and her attention to detail simply amazing. Looking to embark on a journey of growth and experience a brand new life of success? This is it!

Michael Choke Student, Udemy.com

Great Course
A simple course with a lot of action to take. It’s easy to understand but quite comprehensive.

Romina Farrugia Student, Udemy.com
Emily Nsubuga

So Simple Yet So Powerful

For anybody looking for something greater, this is the course for you. It is as simple as 2nd grade English meaning it can be applied easily, yet so powerful that it you can see that God’s hand is all over it. It was from here that i learnt to manage my time, know that it’s ok to let go of people who are not adding any value to your life even if you have been good friends for a long time. It also made me very curious about the word of God. I went from spending 30 minutes in the word, to 3 hours or even more and i must tell you, i am sitting in heavenly places. I didn’t take rocket science for me to change my life, I didn’t have to do something grande or out of this world for me to feel like i had accomplished something but it was the small steps in this course that i intentionally practiced daily that helped me better myself and with God backing me up, I can’t go wrong. This very simple course has the power to change your view on everything around you, it makes you evaluate everything until you realize what’s good and what’s not, what burning you out. Some things I didn’t even know were a problem until i took this course. Please take it, it’s simple and powerful and if you take action, it WILL change your life! I can witness to this

Emily Nsubuga Founder, The Treasure Foundation

This course is amazing! I am about half way through and I have learned so much about what I should be focusing on in life and how to work towards the next level of my life. You can see that Keroy is living and fulfilling her God given purpose and I’m so grateful that she put this course together! I would recommend it to anyone wanting to grow and develop to a higher level in life. *I saw this course from an online promotion site and was able to take it at discounted price. Just thought I should mention that in the review. 🙂

Wei Chinou Student, Udemy.com